Diane Goodwin

A few times in our lives, we encounter a challenge that changes everything. Diane Goodwin  had that experience in 1993 when she was told she had Stage IV breast cancer. Without hesitation, she took on the challenge and told the doctors to watch her become the first person to beat it. She became an inspiration, first to her family, and then to all who met  and spoke with her. Her love for life and her desire to inspire others never wavered. As a true example of positive thinking, she managed to achieve 16 “good” years with this illness. In August 2009, she finally succumbed, but not without first making it clear that her family’s mission was to continue to find ways to help others.   With that in mind, the Goodwin family focused their efforts on the Walk for Diane as part of The Amy Foundation’s mission to help uninsured and underinsured women identify breast cancer in its earliest stages.

The Walk for Diane is held annually in October – Breast Cancer Awareness Month — to remember those we have lost to breast cancer, honor survivors, and  help  win the fight against  this disease by diagnosing it early, when it’s most treatable.  Funds raised through this special event help The Amy Foundation continue to make early detection measures accessible to all women throughout central New Jersey.