Amy Feiman Behar

Amy’s memory challenges all of us involved with The Amy Foundation to raise support for education on the importance of early detection of breast cancer and helping those without the financial means  receive potentially life-saving early- detection procedures.

Amy’s Story

Amy Feiman Behar was a mother, wife, sister and daughter. She was a talented IT consultant, a loyal friend, a respected and well-informed member of her community, and a devoted alumna of Brown University.  She was brilliant and beautiful.

At 49, she lost her battle with breast cancer and left behind two daughters, ages 20 and 22, and her husband of 24 years.

Amy’s Disease and Treatment

Amy was diagnosed with stage-two breast cancer in 2000.  Although the tumor was small, the disease soon spread into her lymph nodes and bloodstream.  After several surgeries, she began chemotherapy.  She chose to participate in a clinical trial, thinking that it might help save other women.

After chemotherapy, Amy started daily radiation treatment.  She was in remission for four years before the cancer returned.

Amy’s choices became limited, but she was determined to continue fighting. She underwent a mastectomy from which she recovered, only to find out the cancer had already spread to her bones and was slowly making its way into other organs.

Amy’s Death

Amy died  on March 29, 2007, just seven weeks before her 25th wedding anniversary, nine weeks before her oldest daughter graduated from Vassar College, and 20 weeks before her 50th birthday.  She was not here to see her children complete their education, get married and give birth to grandchildren.

Amy’s Inspiration

Her memory provides the inspiration to do whatever we can to prevent other women and their loved ones from the same fate.