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Experience the automotive industry leader in CRM. Sell more vehicles and drive profitability with the most powerful set of features in the market. Consolidate your customer intelligence in one system. Leverage seamless integration of your sales, marketing, service, desking, data mining, website, and digital retailing capabilities. Manage a faster, more effective sales process with streamlined workflows and robust call management and lead management systems.

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With DealerSocket’s CRM solution, you can:

  • Configure the platform to meet the unique needs of your dealership.
  • Drive sales performance and accountability with access to real-time data and meaningful insights, all within the CRM system.
  • Engage customers and drive ROI with personalized, automated marketing that spans the customer and vehicle lifecycles.
  • Quickly and effectively communicate with customers across departments via any device.
  • Streamline workflows and automate repetitive tasks so your salespeople can focus on selling.
  • Build customer relationships, improve CSI, and deepen sales and service loyalty.
  • Partner with a dedicated DealerSocket team that provides sales, marketing, product, and operational support.
Choose DealerSocket to manage every aspect of your dealership and make the most of every opportunity

A turnkey solution for independent and BHPH dealers

Tired of chasing paper? Our automated processes improve accuracy and increase sales accountability. Leverage an intuitive, web-based interface to automate everything from marketing to your sales pipeline.

The singular solution for single-point stores

Do you need to accelerate your sales? Leverage our innovative technology to connect everything from your marketing efforts to your sales pipeline and increase ROI. Want to drive more service revenue? Our integrated service management solution gives you the tools to take full advantage of service opportunities.

The ultimate visibility for dealership groups

Wish you could see critical information at both the group and individual store level? Our group management solution gives you the flexibility needed to manage at the corporate level. It also helps you measure and view performance at the store level. Group metrics are in one place; alleviating the need to manually consolidate reports.
I can basically do anything I want at any time I want and not have to wait on anyone. With other CRMs, you have to call the provider when you want to make a change and wait for up to 24 hours for them to get back to you. With DealerSocket, I don't need to call, I just do.

Adam Smith

Internet Sales Director, Westbury Toyota

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