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Manage your inventory from acquisition to disposition with an eye on Profit Per Day™

Maximizing the value of your inventory investment is critical. It’s important to know what vehicles make the most sense for your unique dealership, whether you’re managing inventory for one store or hundreds of rooftops. Our inventory management solutions help you maximize Profit Per Day™ on every vehicle with a data-driven approach by combining your transaction history and market information.

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Choose DealerSocket's Inventory+ to maximize profits, save time, and make smarter, data-driven decisions.

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DealerSocket’s singular inventory management solution gives you:

  • The ability to stock vehicles that sell at a higher profit with insight to know which vehicles are the best fit for your dealership, versus which are best in the market – because every dealership is unique.
  • Unique scoring with TrueScore to show you how each vehicle will perform.
  • Analytics tools to price your inventory competitively.
  • Absolute sourcing, a powerful combination of market analysis and historical transaction data.
  • Enterprise management functionality that allows you to manage across multiple rooftops and leverage inventory at sister stores.
  • SEO-friendly tools to automatically syndicate vehicles across thousands of listing sites, allowing for faster merchandising.
Inventory+ stands above the rest; it makes recommendations based on how the market is doing and how a vehicle does at your store. You don't necessarily need to be the cheapest. You just need to have the right cars.

Carmelo Giuffre

VP of Pre-Owned Operations, BRAM Auto Group

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