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Earn more business with websites and digital marketing tailored to the automotive industry

A customized strategy to attract and retain customers is hard work!  Unique content and technology can help differentiate you in the automotive industry. DealerFire’s website and digital marketing solutions focus on speed, simplicity, and control, increasing traffic to your dealership.

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Get to the top of your market’s search rankings

Two crucial components to ranking higher in search results are Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and content development. We take the time to optimize the architecture of your website, while also providing award-winning automotive content to spark interest within your market and drive more people to your store.

With our SEO and content marketing services, you get:

  • White glove service from a dedicated account manager.
  • A customized digital marketing approach that aligns with your strategy.
  • Search engine optimization that defines your website’s key products and services
  • Customized content that engages shoppers.

Customers investing in DealerFire’s SEO and content marketing have seen an increase of 300% for organic traffic.


Target your audience and deliver winning messages

Using the right mix of search, display, video, and social, DealerFire creates awareness for your products and services through award-winning paid advertising, backed by the DealerSocket data platform.

With our digital advertising and social services, you get:

  • Data-driven automation that showcases your inventory.
  • Transparent reporting on the metrics that drive your marketing decisions.
  • An intuitive, efficient online and mobile shopping experience that exceeds customer expectations.

Customers investing in DealerFire’s digital advertising typically see a 12% click-through rate.

DealerSocket’s websites and digital marketing solutions help you drive traffic both online and to your store, increase click-through rates, and implement customized marketing campaigns.

Our competitive edge has grown every month thanks to DealerFire website and digital marketing integrations, in addition to the white-glove approach to our account. As a direct result, our sales have been recognized nationally and are now #1 in the state.

Tyler Holt

Internet Marketing Director, Friendly Kia

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