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Give your customers the power to build their own deal from anywhere

Your customers move seamlessly from online shopping to the dealership with DealerSocket’s technology. Our digital retail solutions allow shoppers to research and configure the right payment on the right vehicle, and then transfer the deal to the store, leading to an average of $300 more gross profit for the dealer. Customer information pushes directly to the dealer, saving time for you and your customers!

PrecisePrice can be used by any dealer

DealerSocket CRM customers get the added benefit of automatically posted deals and DMS integration to generate paperwork once a deal is finalized. DealerSocket digital retail solutions make it easy to transition shoppers to the showroom, add value, increase profit, and save time.

With our digital retail solution, you can:

  • Ensure that shoppers see the same price, whether they are at home or your dealership.
  • Leverage integrated desking to increase efficiency and make sure no leads are dropped.
  • Easily calculate trade-in values using multiple providers.
  • Offer vehicle-specific F&I options and automatically add the cost to the monthly payment.
  • Allow customers to pick up where they left off on any device with our “save and finish later” option.
  • Factor in all relevant taxes, incentives, and fees.
When I first called my DealerFire account manager, I said, “Hey, my name is Kyle. I just got promoted. We’ve never really spoken, but there are some things I don’t understand." Well, he went and made improvements to the website on his own accord that he thought would help — things he knows people are looking for.

Kyle Ritola

Dirito Brothers Volkswagen, General Manager

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