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As Digital Director & Managing Partner at Conicelli Autoplex, Lori Hammond understands the role technology plays in helping the brand maintain its commitment to being “A Nice Place to do Business.” For nearly 25 years, Lori has played an integral role in adopting and utilizing technologies across Conicelli’s 6-store, Pennsylvania-based group.

When choosing a CRM, the Conicelli team was looking for a solution that enabled them to facilitate and automate their one-of-a-kind sales and marketing approach across all rooftops. “The thing about DealerSocket that was so intriguing to us was that it was the only product that we could customize to our needs,” Lori recalls of the CRM selection process. “They were the only company that gave us the ability to see data and operate across the group.”


Conicelli Toyota


While the partnership began with CRM, the group has since integrated DealerSocket’s inventory management, data mining, and CSI tools into its unique customer experience strategy. “We like all the integration. It helps us create a better, smoother selling system that’s easier for our staff and management teams.”


 Driving Customer Experience

Lori has led Conicelli’s Internet Sales Department to be named on WardsAuto e-Dealers Top 100 list an impressive 12 times. The department achieves success by providing a hassle-free experience for customers, differentiating through quick response times and “best price” reveal upon first contact. The Internet team is also empowered with the ability to search cross-site inventory and match customers with any of the thousands of vehicles in stock across the group.


Conicelli Hyundai


Lori cites the department’s communication practices as another distinct customer experience driver, with the team using their CRM to send upwards of 10,000 texts in any given month.

Post-sale follow up is a crucial process within Conicelli’s sales strategy. Feedback customers provide about its dealerships are curated via an automated, email-based survey tool built into the CRM. Positive reviews are routed to relevant online forums, like DealerRater.com, where the Conicelli stores are rated as high as 5 out of 5. Should customers ever respond to the survey having had a less-than-perfect experience, the team contacts them individually to address their feedback.


 Personalization Through Automation

Conicelli uses system automation to ensure prospects and customers get relevant, targeted communications. “We have tons of business rules and campaigns running at all times. We look at a variety of aspects – lease return campaigns, emails but no phone numbers, lost customer revival, walk-in customers, internet leads, phone-in customers. Every one of our stores has a separate campaign track,” says Lori.


Conicelli Nissan


Among all the reports available within DealerSocket, Lori relies most on the Sales Tracking Report, which provides her both a high-level view of opportunities and ability to intimately monitor the effectiveness of individual teams and associates. She also taps into marketing performance reports, like Email Tracking and Marketing Channel ROI, to gauge results and optimize accordingly.


RevenueRadar®, Activated

“Day to day, DealerSocket keeps everything running through the dealership. Not only in sales but in service,” says Lori. The Conicelli team dedicates focus to re-engaging past customers and uses DealerSocket’s RevenueRadar data mining tool to simplify the process.

“RevenueRadar is a great tool to see the big picture of your customer – the vehicle they’re in, interest rate, equity in their current car, and whether you can lower their payment. We use it to pull people from service to looking at a new vehicle. The CRM’s customer 360 view and RevenueRadar tools are a solid combination for maximizing the service drive and being organized while doing it.”

“With dedicated staff, we pulled 25-30 deals a month with RevenueRadar.”

Lori ensures her team utilizes technology to its fullest capacity. “I love the fact you can set up all the different radars. There is so much you can do with it. If you need to sell a certain model, for example, you have too many RAV4s in your inventory. You can set up a radar for just RAV4s and work those customers. There are so many different uses. It would benefit any dealership.”

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